WBAN Resource Team

Ann-Marie Saccurato  - WBAN Resource Team Member - Boxing Tips #3

Saccurato has a strength/conditioning coach certification for combat athletes, and also certified under the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She is not only a  multi-world boxing champion, but she is superb trainer that will take anyone to task in the gym.  Saccurato's education is in sports science in terms of performance training and strength/conditioning that are the most needed in the boxing world. As a WBAN Resource Team member, she will be providing video tips on different areas to work and she will mainly focus on educating the boxers and fans on that aspect of training the most. Saccurato believes that a critical part of training that is severely lacking and very much misunderstood in boxing is just an abundance in the lack of education in this area.   She will also touch on supplements/diet, especially Champion Nutrition products, because they have been phenomenal for her in terms of recovery from training and performance gains.  Saccurato will be working alongside her mentor, performance coach, and world renowned conditioning coach and speaker Juan Carlos Santana.